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Introduction to the DNN Mass Manipulate Module

The 40FINGERS DNN Mass Manipualte Module was initially built years ago, when we needed a way to perform some advanced maintenance tasks on a few DNN installations. Over the years we kept adding functionality to it, chaged the working a bit, and made the module extensible in a way that it's possible to create and add your own functionality to it.

Let's just start this introduction by repeating the warning message that's also in the module:

This module allows you to completely wreck your site, if you don't know what you're doing. Even if you DO know what you're doing, it's quite easy to mess up things really badly. Please do backup your website files AND database before you use any tab in this module. And please, don't forget 40FINGERS or any other supplier of a manipulator-module, can not be held accountable for any issue you might run into by using this module.


If there's something unlcear in this manual or if you find a typeo, please us know: https://github.com/40fingers/Mass-Manipulate.


The main module has several "Manipulator Modules" included. That means those are available as soon as you install the module and put it on a page:

Then, we have several extension modules available, some of which are freely available:

  • Search
  • NewsArticles To OpenContent
  • OpenContent Migrate Secure Files


Copy Page Permissions

DB Text Replace

Generate Roles

Generate Tabs

Remove Roles

Remove Skins



NewsArticles To OpenContent

OpenContent Migrate Secure Files