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About Filecuumcleaner Module for DNN

The 40FINGERS Filecuum Cleaner is a utility module for DNN. It allows you to create jobs to delete files from a specific folder on your website, provided they meet your conditions.

The intended use of the module was to be able to remove old logfiles, or logfiles that had become too big.

Quick Start

  1. Download the Filecuum Cleaner install package below.
  2. Install the Filecuum Cleaner on your DNN installation
  3. Create a page (preferrably under Host) and place the module on tht page.

Filecuum Cleaner documentation

How to use the Filecuum Cleaner

Once you have installed the module and have put it on a page. Preferable under Host. You will see that there's currently no job executing and the scheduler status is set to Disabled. Obviously this only refers to the scheduler item for this module.

Create a job

First thing we need, is to create a job for the Filecuum Cleaner. To do so, either use the menu action (under the pencil-menu for the module) or the Add Job button (which is within the Jobs panel).

The form should be quite self-explanatory, and the icons actually do give good information when you hover them, but here's a little more explanation anyway.

Choose a meaningful name and a root path for your job. For security reasons, you are only allowed to create a job that deletes files within a subfolder of any of the portals in your installation, or the host's home folder.

The Path field defines which folder needs to be searched for files to remove. You MUST use a folder and you CANNOT use ".." to move back up the tree.

Since we only want to remove explicitly targetted files, you also need to specify which file extensions you want to delete.
Please note that for protected files you have to use the actual extension on the server (so .log.resources for instance)

The rest is simple: Include Subfolders, Delete empty folders, Maximum age, Maximum size. And optionally enable the job.

Test the job

The module has a feature that allows you to test a job. This means it will show you what files would have been hit, and what files would have been skipped, if the job would have run for real. But NO FILES actually get DELETED when you use this option.

Testing a job is done by finding your job in the list of jobs you have created, and click the Show Files button.

Run a job once

In stead of testing, you can also hit the Run button to run a job once. It doesn't have to be enabled for the Run button to work.

Scheduling the enabled jobs

If you set the Scheduler Status to Enabled, a scheduled task will be created in DNN's Task Scheduler, which will periodically execute all jobs one after another. If you need to change the schedule, you are free to do so in the Task Scheduler.

If it's enabled, the module shows which job is currently executing. The Clear button clears out the item that's keeping track of which job was last started. It should be cleared as soon as the job is finished, but if it doesn't (this would be a bug) you can clear it manually with the button. That should actually be the most useles feature this module has.


Needless to say, you should use this module with great caution, as is really deletes files from your website. We've made it only available for superusers, and they should know what to do, but still... be careful. If files got deleted that shouldn't have... we can't help you.

DNN Filecuum cleaner

Keep your site a little more tidy.