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Privacy Statement

40FINGERS  u.a.
Roermondsplein 33
6811 JN Arnhem
The Netherlands

This privacy statement is about the personal data processed by 40FINGERS. It is therefore not about the personal data processed by 40FINGERS' customers on 40FINGERS' servers.

The personal data that 40FINGERS processes

Customer data
Personal data for the services we offer, necessary for our administration and business operations.

Server Log Files Websites.
These are stored in log files when you visit our websites and may contain your IP address. These are needed for analysis to improve the stability and security of our websites.

Forms on our websites
If a form is completed on one of our websites, the personal data entered is processed and stored.
We ensure that we only ask for data necessary for the purpose of form.
We assume that a user understands that by submitting a form, he thereby sends the completed data to us for processing.
The processing of personal data entered by a visitor takes place exclusively within 40FINGERS. This data is sent internally via email and in certain cases may also be stored in the CMS on our servers.

Logging in on a 40FINGERS website
Some of our websites allow you to sign up for access to additional services or protected information.
At that point, personal data about you will be stored in the database of the website in question.
You can manage, change, copy and/or delete this data yourself when you log in to the website. Of course, we ensure that this data is secure, but you are responsible for choosing a secure and unique password.

Analysis of website useage
We use Google Analytics on most websites to analyze and improve the use of the website. This is done anonymously as much as possible. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Provision of personal data.
We do not provide personal data to other parties (third parties), unless this is necessary for our financial administration (accountant), are legally obliged to do so or to report criminal offenses.

Retention period
Customer data is kept in our administration for the statutory retention period (from the tax authorities) even after termination of any contracts.
Log files on our servers are kept for 6 months.
When registering on and from our websites, your data will be kept until you cancel your account. You can also always ask us via email to delete an account, however, this can only be done using the email address listed in the account.

40FINGERS Servers
Our websites are hosted on servers in the Netherlands and are under Dutch jurisdiction.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used on our sites that are necessary for the functioning of the website (DNN CMS).

Tracking cookies
In addition, on some sites use is made of Google Analytics. IP addresses are anonymized.

Not accepting cookies
As an anonymous visitor of our websites, you can choose not to accept these cookies via the settings in your browser.
As a registered user of one of our websites, you do not have this option, because your login is saved using a cookie.

Inspection or modification
If you would like to inspect or have corrections to personal data we have recorded, please email us at info@40fingers.net.

Data portability
Data portability does not really apply to 40FINGERS, but if you would like to view the personal data stored by us, you can of course request it at any time.

If you would like to have personal data changed or if you have questions about or problems with the way 40FINGERS processes your personal data, please contact us.

If we can’t get to an agreement on this matter, you obviously have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.