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DNN for web applications

This is the area where DNN truly shines.

The powers of the framework w.r.t. user and permission management, the use of powerful custom - off the shelf - modules make it possible to configure DNN in such a way that it helps your users do their job better and more efficient.

40FINGERS articles on web applications

2019-01-18 Testing sites on your development machine from other devices in your local network

Sometimes you want to test your dev work on multiple devices before putting it on a test server. Of course, you will already have tested it locally, with your browser development tools, but testing on real devices gives additional insight and can show issues your browser won't show. I recently ...

2015-02-27 DNN as a web application framework

Last year we developed an application for one the divisions within a Dutch medical university. The application truly showed the strength of DNN as a web application framework. This particular application supports a peer review process of research papers written and submitted by medical students in ...

2013-05-22 DNN5 500 error without any logging

On a specific DNN 5.6.8 portal we had a strange issue. With one language it caused a 500 error on the other one it did not. Setting CustomErrors to "off" did not show more info. I tracked the error down in both IIS loggings and windows asp.net logging, but I could not find any details. AS...

Custom DNN applications

Web apps for data-centric applications