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Create personabar item in DNN 9.x


As explained in this video you can add an (page) item to the DNN personabar. This can be helpful for admins to do certain tasks.

Unfortunately, removing or renaming items needs to go through the database and/or through the language resource files.

Steps to add an ML personabar item:

  1. add a page under the admin page as shown in the video,
  2. name this nav_MyNewPage (no spaces),
  3. change the \DesktopModules\Admin\Dnn.PersonaBar\App_LocalResources\PersonaBar.resx, and add entry:
  4.   <data name="nav_MyNewPage.Text" xml:space="preserve">
        <value>My new page</value>
  5. clear the DNN cache and refresh the page.

The new item/page will show up in the personabar.

If you already have a page in the DNN personabar and want to rename it, you need to change the value of the ResourceKey column in the PersonaBarMenu table for the item.